Two studies, one published in 2011 and another published in 2019, seem to confirm two things that are probably obvious to most of us: Americans have fewer close friends now than Americans did 25 years ago (source). A quarter of Americans don't feel they have anyone in whom they can confide, and younger Americans (18-30... Continue Reading →


On Balding

I didn't notice until a few months ago. I just thought the hair on the sides and back of my head was somehow growing much faster than that on top. I thought that for awhile. I cut my own hair so you'd think I would have noticed but I've always assumed it was impossible for... Continue Reading →

Why I Don’t Travel

I got into a friendly debate with the lead singer of one of my favorite punk bands a few years ago. He had shared an infographic which indicated that rural southerners are the least likely of all Americans to have traveled abroad, and he suggested this to be the reason why the South is so... Continue Reading →

Why I Joined the Army

I saw Saving Private Ryan when I was 13-years-old. In recent years, I've come to realize how much it impacted the direction of my life. The 1998 film is well-known enough to not need introduction, though the introduction to the film itself is incredibly brutal. If my memory is correct, the film begins with the... Continue Reading →

Diary of the Nazi Years

I'm reading the 1933-1945 diaries of Victor Klemperer, a German academic of Jewish descent. Though a Christian for practical purposes, Klemperer's "ethnic" Judaism and his detailed, personal writing make his writing compelling. I read this for the same reasons that I've read the diaries of Anne Frank (Holocaust victim), Willy Reese (German solider on the... Continue Reading →

On Writing

In January, I posted the following on Facebook: I'm teaching high school connections this semester. It's a program that allows high school students to take college courses. I last taught it in 2016. Reading what these kids write is disheartening, sometimes. They view one another as competition in a race to get into "good" colleges... Continue Reading →

I Can’t Tell You

I can't tell you how weird it is to me that I'm doing what I'm doing. I'd just gotten used to the idea of being an educator when BAM! I start doing all this other stuff. Me! The slacker! I've made some unusual choices in my life (like that time I joined the Army) but... Continue Reading →

Brokedick: A Memoir Excerpt, Part II

Part I can be found here. “Runner!” He hadn’t intended to run. He was just standing outside the door of the barracks on the stoop where all of us sometimes, when we felt brave, stood and watched our little slice of Georgia. But they decided to make like they were going to run him down.... Continue Reading →


I'm running toward myself not a metaphor, I'm on the treadmill and I can't figure out how to turn on the TV so all I see is my reflection in the depth of the crystalline smog of the screen I can see that my hair is thinning up front That bothers me less than I... Continue Reading →

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